Our competition:

2 Images for $ 29? really!

The image packs are really expensive. And if you buy a suscription you are locked in too. There is no easy way out except if you have friends or us. We are stock photo artists and we are good at helping you to find the right picture you want for less than that.

Why stock photo sites are greedy...

  • They don't pay money back if you cancel!
  • They don't pay money to the artist a lot.
  • They are entrapping you with free pics site where you click mostly on the "Paid only" pics.
  • They suck and charge you 9$/pic in the packages.
  • They have support personal who are arrogant bastards whom I would love to kick ass.
  • They don't let you cancel the credit card suscription! WTF!

Avoid the greedy swines...

Imagie we started on stock photos sites too. But we struggled. We worked hard and had little from it! It is modern slavery and a few make so much money on the shoulders of the mass of poor stock photographers.
That's why we gave up and start our own networking with clients who care and whom we deliver for fair tarifs.